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Winterize and protect your outside faucets from freezing with a simple faucet protector from the hardware store. Easily installed in less than a minute, these really work, and are reusable year after year. Remove your hose, drain it, and put it away out of the cold in a garage or shed. Slide the rubber band like end over your faucet, hold the Styrofoam faucet protector against the house, and pull up on the cord, fasten the clip. Your faucet is protected from freezing. Put it away carefully in the spring so you can use it to prepare your outdoor faucet for winter again next year.

The Safety Bath Time Faucet Tap Protector separates your child from the bath spout and the Snug Tub – Infant Bath Tub Compare prices and narrow the selection to items that have faucet protector at mySimon. Tub Shower Valves – Shower Head Chicago Faucets, a member of the Geberit Learn about Single Handle Tub Shower Monitor Faucet, Chrome and other Tub Shower Single Handle at Aubuchon Hardware. Also research a variety of related Faucets

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The foam faucet cover has a little clip that hangs on your faucet and a draw tight strap that pulls the faucet protector against the outside of your house. This easy on and off attachment means your faucet stays relatively warm, drawing the warmth from the pipes inside your basement, and keeps the cold outside air out.

Yes, there are faucet protectors out there shaped like a favorite cartoon or movie character, but they’re generally made of hard plastic. Maybe that hurts a bit less than brass fixtures, but it still hurts. Meanwhile, below the faucet, the handles remain uncovered.