In both Spotlight and Finder, you can .

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In both Spotlight and Finder, you can .

It’s the customizability of the Finder that I like. From my point of view, it’s great to be able to add buttons for my most often used functions to the tool bar. Or to add the most frequently accessed files to a separate column down the left hand side. Even burning a few files to a CD can be done directly from the Finder with a couple of mouse clicks, much more convenient than having to be taken through a wizard.

Also, being a person who likes to keep things tidy in my life (including my computer), I don’t need to clutter the desktop with dozens of my favourite folders and files; the Finder and the Dock keep them all in one place. Sure, I could add all of this functionality into Windows XP, but I would need to download additional software or wade through several control panel screens to do it. The Macintosh has all of this by default.

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    Another feature that I use often is . Spotlight is accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the screen in the menu bar. It is used to find any kind of file or folder on your Mac hard drive. A much more primitive search is used in Windows XP and previous versions of the Mac OS, but these are slow and not very accurate.

    It was perhaps the additional features that initially staggered me upon my introduction to the Finder. I was never presented with so many options in a file browser, but now I appreciate having them.