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Fisher-Price Bubble Mower


Fisher Price Bubble Mower - Free Shipping

I bought a fisher price bubble mower for my 3 year old son for Easter. Imagine my disappointment when on Easter morning , we put it together (according to the directions), My son was bouncing with excitement. I was so disappointed to notice that the bubbles just drip right out the bottom of the mower. My son did get a few bubbles to show up by running like crazy pushing this lawn mower and tripping all over himself trying to get more bubbles to appear. Very disappointed in this product. I have 5 children and my 3 year old is my youngest. For many years I have been a satisfied customer. Not this time.

This Fisher Price bubble mower is every toddlers dream. They can feel like they are cutting the grass and have bubbles fly around them. Every kid wants to play with bubbles. This mower makes bubbles without spilling them everywhere. Fun in the sun with this bubble lawn mower.

Fisher Price Bubble Mower From The 1980s

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