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One of the toys that she got for my youngest was the Fisher Price Learning Music Player from their Laugh and Learn Line. I had never heard of it or seen it in the store, but after playing with it with my son I am really glad she found it. This is a 5 star little toy in my book.

The Fisher Price Learning Music Player is mostly white in color and made of hard plastic. I believe when they were making this they made it to resemble an i-pod or mp3 player. It is just larger than my hand but no choking hazard. It takes 3 AAA batteries to run which are included. On the front of the Fisher Price Learning Music Player is a "screen" framed in orange. The screen is actually a hologram featuring a bunny and puppy and they move around the screen depending on how your baby holds and moves the toy. It is really cute! On each side of the Fisher Price Learning Music Player are purple handles perfect for baby to grip.

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    On the back of the Fisher Price Learning Music Player is the on and off switch. With this switch you get 2 choices for volume control. The choices unfortunately are loud and louder, at least in my opinion, but since my son enjoys this toy so much I can let this point slide, and I am sure as soon as the batteries die down a little, it shouldn't be so bad....lol.

    I have a MacBook with OS 10.5.6, and iTunes for both iTunes purchased music and downloaded CDs. My music files are coded as AAC files which are compatible with this device. I downloaded the Fisher Price Mac music player software from the site that is listed in the music player manual. Once installed on your hard drive, all you need to do is connect the music player via the USB port and turn the music player on. The Fisher Price software will automatically activate a window on your desktop where your music from iTunes will be automatically searched and your songs will appear in the "My Library" portion of the window. The "My Player" window will show any music already on the music player and this is where you will see five pre-loaded Fisher Price songs.