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Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Soother, Waterfall


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The only thing that I do not like about the Fisher Price Rainforest Waterfall Soother is that it requires 4 C batteries that will need to be replaced every 2-3 months. The soother seems to go through the batteries quicker than any other item we use (including the swing) and this can be quite irritating and expensive. We usually ran the soother once a night and we still needed to replace them this often. As there are many different moving parts, lights, and music I guess this should have been expected.

The Fisher Price Rainforest Waterfall Soother Will Lull Your Baby To Sleep With The Soothing Sounds Of A Tropical Waterfall. The Glowing Blue Waterfall Features Mesmerizing Motion That Leads Down To A Pool Of Real Bubbling Water, Grabbing Your Child S Attention Right Away. Parents Can Choose Between Classical Music, Lullabies, Or Rainforest Sounds On The Waterfall Baby Soother And Set The Volume. Another Delightful Feature Of This Crib Soother Is The Small Fish Character In The Water That Bobbles With The Bubbles. Lights And Music Are Both Baby And Parent Activated. Fisher Price Mobile:Soothing Waterfall Sounds Small Fish Character In The Water Bobbles While Bubbles Float To Top Parent Or Baby Activated Music, Lullabies Or Sounds Waterfall Baby Soother Has Low, Medium And High Volume Settings Three Modes Of Music And Light Activation With Varying Lengths Of Playing Time Parent And Baby Activated Lights And Music Waterfall Baby Soother Model Number: K3800

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  • Fisher-Price Fisher Price Rainforest Waterfall Soother From $27.99 9 reviews The Fisher-Price Rainforest Waterfall Soother lulls baby to sleep with the soothing sounds of a tropical waterfall. The glowing blue waterfall features mesmerizing motion that leads down to a pool of ... Pros: Soothing music, sounds, and lights. Cons: So many batteries!
  • Fisher Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Waterfall Soother

    This soother gave us many hours of sleep that we would not have normally had. My daughter would stare up at the lights and would seem to be placed into a trance from the music. The Fisher Price Rainforest Waterfall Soother was especially handy when my daughter began teething. I have to admit that the soother would often put me to sleep, as my daughter's bedroom was close enough to ours that I could the music even without the monitor on. I especially liked that the soother is able to last for 18 minutes as her mobile only lasts for a few minutes and never seemed to be long enough. When the soother came on, we were pretty certain that my daughter would be asleep before the final note. Our personal favorite was to have all of the lights and motion going with the nursery songs playing.

    In addition to the lights and motion features, the Fisher Price Rainforest Waterfall Soother has been given the ability to play various songs and sounds. There is a volume switch located on the top of the soother that includes an off and three volume settings. There are also three options available in the songs and sounds settings and they last for 18 minutes unless turned off sooner.