The FitBit Flex fitness bands start at $100.

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We are giving away FitBit Flex fitness bands. On top of being the best in the industry, these fitness bands are here to motivate you living a healthy lifestyle. With this giveaway, our aim is to keep our most active fans fit as they would be motivated to track steps and stay healthy in doing so.

In the beginning, fitness bands contained nothing but accelerometers — that is, motion sensors. These were the Nike band, original Up and Fitbit, and so on. Their software analyzes the motion of your wrist, and from that determines how many steps you’re taking. Most also analyze your sleep: How many times did you wake up? How long did you sleep? What portions of the night were you in deep versus light sleep? (Sleep scientists will tell you that trying to figure out your brain’s stage of sleep by studying the movements of your is a bit of a stretch. But it’s something.)

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    Talking briefly about the FitBit Flex fitness bands, these are launched by the company quite a while back. Touted as the wireless activity and sleep band. The Flex band comes with a design that is considered as slim by the company. Additionally, it is a splash and what proof which makes it a fitness band for people who likes to workout and want health data during the workouts. There is an indicator light with various functionality definition.

    5. Superb app. Fitness bands communicate with your phone wirelessly, by Bluetooth. In a companion phone app, you get the full readout of your progress, in graphs and numbers. If the app’s not easy to use and nice to spend time with, you won’t use it.