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Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket, Green Smile, 30-50 lbs


Buy Texas Rec Supersoft Swim Life Vest X-Small 21-23in

Not just adults, floaters are like a lifeline for kids! Wearing a pair of comfy floaters makes them feel like they are floating in the air. Thus, investing in the right pair of floaters is a must. Brands like Adidas, Puma and Reebok have an exciting range of floaters for kids. When looking for , do think of giving them a pair of floaters.

Girls may act cranky when it comes to floaters, but your boys will love them. Buy them a pair of branded Puma floaters for kids. Floaters are good for daily use, especially when your kid goes for cycling or for a walk with his grandparents. Like Puma, will also excite you.

- Yellow, Texas Rec Supersoft Swim Life Vest Small 23-24in.

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The age and personality of your child will determine what the best pool float is for you. For babies and toddlers, look for an unsinkable float that has a canopy to protect against the sun. For older kids, check out some of the more adventurous options. Here are our picks for the best pool floats for kids.

Here’s another pool float for kids that encourages a lot of activity. Put this in the water for a birthday pool party and watch the kids go nuts.