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36mm Table Soccer Foosballs Replacements Mini Black and White Soccer Balls - Set of 12 by Super Z Outlet®


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A hot-air balloon display set the scene for the more than 1,000 guests, who were treated to a special appearance by the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s marching band. Attendees also had the opportunity to take part in activities such as Human Foosball, life-size Mario Kart races, a watermelon-eating contest, a giant Operation game, a cake walk and the Human Hamster Ball. Costumes for the photo booths had participants dressing up like old-time fairgoers.

So, lessons learned? Foosball — or any similar tool like the Wii, ping pong, or concerted game nights — does improve productivity. And, sometimes, the best teachers about this kind of value are your employees themselves.

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Table football (Bonzini style table)
Highest governing body International Table Soccer Federation
Nicknames Table soccer, foosball, kicker
Invented 1921
Contact No
Team members Single opponents, doubles, or teams of up to 4
Mixed gender Yes
Type Table
Equipment Football table
Olympic No

Log Foosball Table. Would look great in the rec room!

In fact, our win rate went up. The energy and spirit borne from a simple addition of a game in the work environment directly translated to successes in my team’s performance overall, their support of each other, and the pitches that we made. It was fun. There were a lot of smiles. We worked a lot of hours – a lot of hours! And when the inevitable frustrating issues arose, a lot of them generally got worked out at the foosball table.

But perhaps most importantly, I saw from a business standpoint that my team was building communication. The people who played together in group matches learned how to communicate quickly and effectively with their team members. They learned to strategize against “the other guys.” They respected and appreciated each other much more and, even if you were as lousy a foosball player as I was, you were a part of the team – and encouraged to get better.