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Ford Gumball Machine - Red, King Size, 1 gum ball machine

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This is my new Ford gumball machine. Great old machine! I received this yesterday but the man I bought it from did not have a key, I found a master key for these machines for sale online and it arrived today. Couldnt wait to get this open and clean it up. It was really dirty with some old gum in it that had shriveled up and turned black. Needless to say I was sure to clean it well before filling it with some new Ford branded gumballs. While I had it apart I oiled up all the moving parts and scrubbed it all down good. Since he didnt have a key to this it came full of pennies also. Nearly 800 pennies were inside this and two dimes even! My kids love it

A vintage Ford brand gumball machine, featuring a pressed glass spherical chamber and a silver tone metal base. It takes dimes (despite the sticker on the glass reading 1c), and was in working condition at the time of cataloging.

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Vintage Ford Gumball machine Coin 10 Cent glass globe w key - no stand


Vintage Ford Gumball machine Coin 10 Cent glass globe w key & heavy duty stand


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This is a vintage Ford Gumball Machine. One penny will get you the sweet treat. It was manufactured between 1940 and 1960 by the Ford Gum and Machine Company located in Akron New York. Find this item at the Albany Antique Mall in Albany, OR

This is a rare Ford gumball machine. They would have this on display at the dealership. Its only missing a small piece at the bottom. This is one of my favorite items because it's coin-op.