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Hope this helps! Laura I also have a Britax car seat. You should definitely NOT turn your son around to face forward until he is both over 20 lbs. AND one year old (their necks aren't strong enough before a year if there were an accident and they were thrown forward). If his head is falling forward when he sleeps in the current position, it might be that the angle of the carseat is wrong. You could see if Rockridge Kids would check out the placement of your seat or call the Berkeley Police Department (non-emergency number, of course!) and ask for an appt. for someone to check the positioning of your carseat. They are trained to do this! Finally, while the safest place for your carseat is in the middle of the back seat, if you can't see out the rear window you could put the seat on the side. - A Fellow Britax Fan Our daughter hit 20 lbs long before her first birthday. Our pediatrician was adamant that we wait until she turned one to turn the seat around. We discussed it several times, but did as the pediatrician suggested. Anonymous Please don't turn your baby around at 7 months!! The reason infants are not allowed to forward face in carseats until the age of 1 (or older IMHO - I had very petite babies) is because their heads and necks are not stable enough to withstand the forward jerking (like shaken baby syndrome) that occurs when the car seat is turned around to face forward. May I sugguest you look into finding a way to anchor the back of the seat while it is rear facing so that your precious cargo remains safe (maybe your car dealer can help you). A concerned Mommy of 2 The recommendation for forward-facing car seats is one year AND 20 lbs. The reason for this is that the neck muscles of an infant less than one year are relatively weak, and there is more risk to the forward-facing infant in the event of an accident. You may want to consider looking at other car seats that can hold infants up to 30-35# rear-facing to see if another brand fits your car and baby better (see previous posts in the archives for info re: other brands for big babies). margery SafetyBeltSafe USA says, ``In a crash, an infant's spinal cord may stretch if he is riding facing forward -- and the baby could die or be paralyzed for life. This is true even for babies who have strong neck muscles and good head control.

Parents are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing the best forward facing car seat for their little babies. Hence, attention must be paid to details such as weight specification and safety features of these products so that money is spent on worthwhile purchases.

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Whether it is for family outing or for running daily errands, baby car seats have become an absolute necessity for parents as they maneuver their way to their destination. The best forward facing car seat should provide a reasonably comfortable environment for the toddlers to enjoy the ride. Here are reviews for three such car seat for consideration.

Being a forward facing car seat, Evenflo Chase Lx Booster Car Seat contains a 110 pounds booster mode weight rating to fit growing children. Extended use from 5 point harness is provided to vehicle seat. The product comes with an integrated cup holder for convenience as well. The car seat can be easily adjusted with upfront harness fitting and two crotch buckle positions are available. To keep the seat looking clean, the pad are machine washable. The weight limit for using the 5 point harness is 40 pounds.

Users have found that the car seat appeared lightweight that makes it suitable for airplane travel. The color combo of the product works great for all gender. The latch comes with one sided adjustment and is easy to be used. However, some commented that the chest buckle was slightly difficult to open or close. Also, without any steel reinforced frames, the product may not be last very long.