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Shipments of frozen desserts and novelty items along with pizza have grown though lunch and breakfast meats have reduced. Though online grocery stores are the ones which can benefit most from frozen foods they are still trying to fine-tune their supply and delivery processes. Physical c-stores can take advantage of this situation by having click and collect options for regular customers who can order frozen food products online and pay so they can just pick up their orders without waiting in queues.

Major companies often use assembly lines specifically dedicated to frozen yogurt production. The milk products and stabilizing agent(s) are combined and homogenized. At 32 °C, the yogurt culture is added. The mix remains at this temperature until it sets and is ready for cooling. After that, the mix is cooled at a temperature of 0 to 4 °C. Once it has reached the desired temperature and viscosity, the yogurt is allowed to sit in aging tanks for up to four hours. Sweeteners, flavorings, and colorings are then mixed in, and the yogurt mixture is cooled at a temperature of −6 to −2 °C. To create extra volume and smooth consistency, air is incorporated into the yogurt as the mixture is agitated. When a sufficient amount of air has been incorporated into the product, the yogurt is rapidly frozen to prevent the formation of large ice crystals, and stored in a cold place to be shipped.

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Frozen products do not require any added because do not grow when the temperature of the food is below −9.5 °C (15 °F), which is sufficient on its own in preventing food spoilage. Long-term of food may call for food storage at even lower temperatures. (CMC), a tasteless and odorless stabilizer, is typically added to frozen food because it does not adulterate the quality of the product.

Convenience shoppers want quality frozen products at the right price. They also want great promotions, well-known brands and are becoming increasingly health conscious.