Fun Extras that Every Frozen Yogurt Shop Should Have!

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3. Flat Screen Television – A flat screen television shouldn’t necessarily be the entire focus of your frozen yogurt shop, but if there’s a big game or a major awards show on, your patrons may be interested in passively watching it to check a score or check the weather. Be sure to keep your television dialed into G or PG-rated programs so that your shop remains family friendly and welcoming to people of all ages.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration on making your frozen yogurt shop special and fun!!! Keep all of your customers coming back again and again!!

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  1. Board Games  – Host family game night at your shop! Buy all the classics like Clue, Life, Monopoly, Jenga and Guess Who? for your frozen yogurt shop and you’re sure to keep your patrons coming back again and again (especially if they need to settle the score of last week’s Monopoly game). If you have games, be sure to make plenty of space at tables to accommodate all the space they will need to play.

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When I see a new frozen yogurt shop, I usually think, "This one kind of looks like...the other one down the street." After looking at 's and 's galleries of the interiors of frozen yogurt shops around the world, the aesthetics of fro-yo becomes clearer: modern, sleek, clean, angular with some blobs thrown in. While it's certainly not an unpleasant theme, it feels boring after a while. I wouldn't mind someday seeing a fro-yo shop that looks like a cozy living room, à la . [via ]

One of the best parts about places like frozen yogurt shops is that customers have the ability to sit and just hang out for a couple of hours to sit with friends or family in addition to the tasty frozen treat. A frozen yogurt shop is the perfect place to meet up with girlfriends before a movie, a great place to go with a date after dinner or a fun location to take your kids after their soccer game. If you own a franchise of a national frozen yogurt chain, always be sure to ask corporate before making a purchase on one of these extras. Here are a few ideas to keep the fun going at a frozen yogurt shop for your patrons.