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"When I look at the work of Funny Fish, I am forced to see the world in a different perspective. Her images are amazing and her range is broad from macro- to travel- and everyday-photography. With her sense of composition she is a truly talented artist. I always look forward to her new work when I open up my Flickr page.

She also holds the prize for the absolute best car-porn ever!

Flickr on, Saskia!"

"fishy... ahh!
chances are if you like the name funny fish, which she was ordained by a very special person, you will like this stream and all the unusual fish that congregate around it

not just a reigning monarch of macros, a daring and continual photoscientist, funny fish is a life teacher -- sharing a world far beyond the camera lens

her stream is embedded with tips and hints and savory moments; it's got color and cutouts, it's B/W and downright brilliant -- child portraiture, camera haikus, mood pieces, etc.

don't be shy!!!! DIVE IN!!!!!!!"

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"In a world full of talented photographers, Funny Fish has managed to find a distinctive style. It's in her subjects, but also the way she captures them. I love her experiments and her thoughtfulness, and never miss a chance to visit her stream.

Funny Fish has been a contact for so long, it's sort of like watching a colt grow into a horse; simply amazing!"

"Funny Fish has a lot of testimonials, which is testimony itself to how popular she is. However, she does not gain popularity by underhanded methods (such as swamping groups). No, it's by her friendliness, humour and, above all, her excellent photography which has a unique trademark of insight and atmosphere. She has quite an eye for red objects too."