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One of the most exciting things 4G offers is the ability to create a high speed mobile hotspot from your smartphone that other devices such as laptops or tablet computers can access. Whilst this is possible on older technologies the reality is usually a slow and barely usable connection. With 4G mobile hotspots are just like being connected to a high speed wifi network at home and the difference is huge.

E-N-G Mobile Systems (“ENG”) is a leader in the mobile laboratory market, which is a growing segment of the specialty vehicle market as concerns over food and environment contamination, and biological and chemical weapons increase. ENG has built over 400 mobile labs, more than any other specialty vehicle manufacturer, designed for chemical and biological detection, monitoring and analysis. ENG, which has been in business for almost 40 years, further differentiates itself from its competitors with its team of scientists who work in conjunction with the design engineers and shop personnel to deliver the most advanced mobile labs available.

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High speed 4G mobile internet services are becoming more and more available across the globe but with most network operators charging a significant price premium for 4G over more established 3G data plans what are the benefits of 4G and is the service worth the extra cost? The main advantage of 4G is a significantly faster mobile data connection but this in itself is not necessarily that interesting, it’s what you can do with that faster internet access that matters. This article looks at a few of the benefits of high speed 4G top help you understand if making the move to this next generation technology makes sense for you.

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany wants to become the first country to set up a comprehensive 5G mobile network, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung quoted digital infrastructure minister Alexander Dobrindt as saying in Tuesday's editions.