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Nintendo Ganondorf amiibo Figure : Target

Earlier today we reported about all the regarding the upcoming release of . One of the sweet bonuses that is being included is the release of a GameStop exclusive Ganondorf Figurine. While the physical copy of The Wind Waker HD is set to sell for $49.99, fans can purchase the game with the figurine for just five dollars more at a price of $54.99.

As you can clearly tell, the new Zelda themed statue will be based upon Ganondorf’s toon appearance in The Wind Waker. From the image included, it seems as though the statue will take a similar pose to that of the Ganondorf figurine distrubuted alongside The Wind Waker HD’s limited edition bundle. However, this iteration will most certainly be larger in size and also more detailed.

Ganondorf amiibo Figure by Nintendo - Super Smash Bros. Series

Nintendo Legend of Zelda Wind Waker GANONDORF Figure Nintendo Legend of Zelda Wind Waker GANONDORF Figure
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Ganondorf amiibo Figure for Nintendo 3DS | GameStop

There is still no indication of when the Ganondorf figurine will be released. Needless to say, I'm excited to see what the whole thing will look like. I still want confirmation that he is holding a second sword, though I can't imagine why he wouldn't be. I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for this figure.

Once released, the WW Ganondorf figurine will join First 4 Figures' other Zelda inspired merchandise, such as a and a . Based on prices of figures already available at their site, the WW Ganondorf will most likely cost somewhere between $400 and $500 USD.