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In this section you can buy a scooter, dirt bike, ATV, mini chopper or mini moped for kids. Please be sure to check the recommended age before buying. Gas scooters are for bigger kids while electric scooters can be for small and big kids.

Our fine selection of gas powered scooters for kids weigh less when compared to the previous generation models which makes them popular among the teen generation. They make a perfect gift for kids, but some will argue that it is better to start out your child with the slower, quieter not as powerful electric scooter, until they master the fine art of driving. Others want to have their kids jump right into the fun and power of the gas models – but please do be careful! Either way you can’t lose with a Backyardtoyco section.

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Our gas powered scooters for kids are usually meant for ages 8 and up, and require adult`s supervision. Making sure your kid is safe while driving one of these gas scooters should be your main concern, which is why you need to be close by to offer them tips and much needed guidance!