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When you have a baby you need lots of different products. If you have been around for a while then you know that NUK is a big name in baby products. Did you also know that NUK makes Gerber baby products? Well they do and I was lucky enough to check out the NUK 2013 Baby Products Line.

Some believe that Dorothy Gerber was the initial inspiration behind their baby food products. Legend has it that she came home one day after a visit to her infant daughter's pediatrician toiling in the kitchen straining fruits and vegetables for her child. After much hard work she suggested to her husband Daniel, whose family already owned the Fremont Canning Company, to create this food in an industrial setting, lightening the load of mothers everywhere. A different interpretation of the story is that he was frustrated and upset having come home to find his wife looking strained and miserable in the kitchen. Not wanting to "exchange" his beautiful wife for this kitchen-bound monstrosity, he then invented the Gerber baby food product line.

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Gerber coupon is available only for Canada. You can find Gerber baby products in any supermarket, grocery store and baby stores. Here are examples of some prices at: