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Gerber burp cloths delineated by the sex of a baby come in some basic color schemes. For this includes pinks and butterfly, flower, and other feminine patterns. , on the other hand, tend to favor the color blue, as well as a variety of animal and dinosaur prints, among others.

When buying Gerber burp cloths, shoppers can choose from a selection of different colors and designs. Most break down into different colors depending on the sex of the baby, though shoppers can find some colored burp cloth offerings that are unisex. The section below details the different cloth types.

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    Proper cleaning and storing of Gerber burp cloths can ensure that they remain in good shape and last for use with future children or grandchildren, if necessary. The following section details how to clean and store Gerber burp cloths properly.

    Shoppers can determine the quality of Gerber burp cloths sold on eBay by looking closely at any photographs provided by the seller. Buyers should make sure to check the stitching, as well as looking for any discoloration in the items pictured, especially with used items. If any questions exist after viewing the pictures, including the item's condition, shoppers should not hesitate to ask the sellers questions by clicking the Ask a Question link on the seller's product page.