GIANT Godzilla Toy Eats Super Mario World

Godzilla 24" Big Action Figure


yoko giant vs godzilla by Eggman-Nega2013 on DeviantArt

Kurihama Flower Park is not safe! Actually, it is. The giant Godzilla that towers above the play area doesn’t breathe fire. Heck, it doesn’t even move. But, the kaiju does have an unusual secret.

Jakks Giant Godzilla 2014 . Plus a collection of large Godzilla toys made specifically for America. Including Imperial Godzilla - Shogun Godzilla - Trendmasters Godzilla - Bandai Creations Godzilla

Jakks Giant Godzilla | Big Godzilla Toys Made for America - YouTube

First Real Look At Tokyo's Giant Godzilla Statue | Kotaku Australia

Later this week, a new giant Godzilla statue will be officially unveiled in Tokyo. Here is a first peek at the actual statue as it’s going up.

Twitter user uploaded these truly fantastic pics taken earlier tonight of the giant Godzilla as it was pissing rain. The weather suits Godzilla brilliantly.