Giraffe Figurine Doll animal, ABC animals by Paola Zakimi.

George S. Chen Imports SS-G-54300 2 Silver Giraffes Heart Shaped Figurines


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Giraffes were also popular themes for , which often incorporated animal figures into its shapes. and others made that resembled two giraffes kissing, their long necks wrapping and merging around the wrist. One of most sought-after is a giraffe figurine, made out of coral- and turquoise-colored plastic.

In the northern suburbs of Los Angeles in May 1998 lived two brothers in their 20s, Rick and Sam Smith. They had returned home from their grandpa’s house in San Francisco which they had been clearing of his possessions following him passing away. He had many priceless possessions from his life where he travelled and explored globally. And one of the most exquisite was a porcelain giraffe figurine he found in a Kenyan village in 1971. The giraffe had always been in a glass case, which to the brothers suggested it was certainly of great value. For now, however, the statue would remain in their house as a reminder of their amazing granddad.

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  • Giraffe Mother Figurine | Franz Porcelain
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  • Giraffe Figurine | Product sku J-114006 - From Russia

    In his Russian studio, master artist, Vladimir creates our exquisite safari amber and brass giraffe figurine. Each unique giraffe design is hand-sculpted from clay, cast in gleaming brass and then affixed to chunks of genuine, polished amber. This giraffe figurine is handcrafted by the heart and hands of the artisan exclusively for Uno Alla Volta. No two will be exactly alike. Figurine measures approximately 1 inches x 2.75 inches.

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    This delightful Baby Giraffe Figurine is in a playful mood showing off its many crystal facets with spots of yellow accents. It measures 3.2 x 2.0 inches in size and was made with genuine Bohemian crystal and manufactured by Preciosa, a world-class producer of fine crystal.

    Preciosa Figurines are made with the worlds highest quality Bohemian crystal located in the Czech Republic. The authenticity of this and all Preciosa products are guaranteed by the Preciosa logo mark which is engraved onto each piece. Each figurine is also accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. Preciosa crystal figurines are elegantly packaged in form fitted gift boxes emphasizing the beauty of each individual piece.Preciosa declares that lead crystal products are not suitable for children less than 13 years of age.