Girls on trampoline, summer 2012 Anne Ruud

Intex Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer, 80" x 27", for Ages 3-6, Colors May Vary


Topless Girls Jumping on Trampoline ..

The Man Show simultaneously celebrated and lampooned the stereotypical loutish male perspective in a sexually charged, humorous light. The show consisted of a variety of pre-recorded comedy sketches and live in-studio events, usually requiring audience participation. The Man Show is particularly well-known for its "Girls on Trampolines" segment.

Oh boy here we go!! Summer time fun!! Girls in bikinis!! Girls on trampolines!!...need I say more?? A fun day at our annual adult pool party always leads to girls jumping on the trampoline...flips and fun:)) Hold my beer and watch this!!;)) Give me a THUMB's UP if you like and share...it helps to keep me making more vids...thanks:))

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Sexy Cheerleaders: Girls on Trampoline

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