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DIY Snow Globes for Kids - Crazy Little Projects

Snow globes are a classic winter or Christmas craft for kids, but rather embarrassingly until last week I had no idea how to make them! A friend asked me for advice, thinking that as I write about kids crafts I might actually know a thing or two about that kind of thing but uhhh. No. I had to ask my friend Mr Pinterest for help. There are loads of cool snow globes that kids can make, from ones in glass jars, to finger print snow globes, melting snow globes for the bath and paper plate snow globes. So if you fancy making some snow globe crafts for kids this year then you’re in the right place to find all the ideas you could possibly need!

Today’s project was a fun idea a friend of mine gave me. She does it for school holiday parties. It’s quick, it’s pretty easy and the kids love it. It’s DIY Snow Globes for Kids:

DIY Snow Globes for Kids: Supplies Needed: Small jars ..

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    Globes provide a delightful “hands-on” way for your child to learn about this wonderful world we live in. With a world globe for kids in your home, a child not only understands the concept of his spot in the world, but is able to see countries and oceans and their distance from him. A globe encourages family conversations and questions about other parts of the world and provides an educational resource.

    I love world globes for kids. It is a fun way to show them that there is a whole wide world out there – filled with different countries, cultures, languages and so much more. And with a son who has relatives across atleast 3 continents..I think he should know that. Wonderful globes for kids to travel the world with.