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When the White Dino Ranger appears, Tommy's dedication to saving the lives of innocents seems to give Tommy cause to show no mercy to him, even after he discovers that the White Dino Ranger is . For a while, Tommy is encased in amber by the White Dino Ranger, and once freed, finds himself unable to de-morph, due to his Dino Gem and his morpher re-molecularizing. He remains in his morphed form for a while. Despite this resolve, he cannot help but feel sympathy for Trent when his students did not, reminding the others of his tenure as the evil Green Power Ranger. After seeing the power of the White Ranger Clone and the Terrorsaurus, Tommy decides that the Rangers need an upgrade. He takes Trent to the location of the Shield of Triumph, as the shield can only be freed from its resting place by the power of Trent's Dino Gem. The Shield is then used by Conner to become the Triassic Ranger, just as a prophecy Tommy had read during its discovery foretold. Tommy is later freed from his permanently morphed status by a special substance, but is rendered invisible. He decides to run an experiment to return himself to normal, but it shatters the Black Dino Gem and leaves him comatose. In his subconscious, he battles against his previous Power Ranger alter-egos: Zeo Ranger V, the White Power Ranger, and then the Green Power Ranger. After proving that he will not give up the fight for his life, his inner selves each offer him a shattered piece of his Dino Gem, restoring him to full health and allowing him to attain Super Dino Mode when morphed. During his mentoring of the Dino Thunder Rangers, Tommy notes similarities in his past in Conner, placing a lot of trust into him. His mentoring of Conner through a point where the young man doubts himself, allows Conner to overcome these feelings and gain the Battlizer. When Tommy learns that Trent has been keeping his father's identity as Mesogog secret, Tommy considers removing Trent from the team. Although he comes to terms with Trent's loyalty to his father, he asks the others if Trent should stay, and they agree when Trent saves Conner's life. In the final battles against Zeltrax and Mesogog, having been liberated from sharing a body with Anton Mercer, Tommy informs the Rangers that they must give up their powers in order to save the world. Zeltrax is destroyed with the destruction of the Dinozords, and the Rangers give up their Dino Gems to stop Mesogog for good. In the end, Tommy decides to pursue his life after Mesogog's destruction as normal high school science teacher, thus finally ending his duties as a power ranger for good.

Tommy Oliver is first introduced in the five-part episode "Green with Evil" as a new student at Angel Grove High School. Unlike other Power Rangers, his outfit includes a golden shield armor, two golden armbands, triangles instead of diamonds on the gloves and boots, and the belt buckle is golden instead of silver. After he spars with (Red Power Ranger) in a martial arts tournament, he catches the eye of both (Pink Power Ranger) and the evil witch . Rita decides to enchant Tommy to be her loyal servant, granting him the Dragon Power Coin to give him the power to transform into the Green Power Ranger, possessing the Dragon Shield, which makes him stronger than the other Power Rangers, and armed with the Dragon Dagger and the Sword of Darkness. She orders him to destroy the Power Rangers and their guardian so she may be able to conquer the Earth unopposed. He succeeds in his mission, dispatching of Zordon, destroying the Power Rangers' Command Center, and infecting the robot with a computer virus, leaving the Rangers defenseless against attacks, but they are still able to ward him off with the Megazord. With the return of 's wife Scorpina, the two wreak havoc in Angel Grove, leading the Power Rangers to use the Megazord once more, only to be attacked by Goldar, Scorpina, and the Green Ranger at once, putting the Megazord out of commission when it is thrown into the Earth's core. After this battle, the Power Rangers discover that their foe is none other than their classmate Tommy. After Tommy escapes, he uses the Dragon Dagger to summon the Dragonzord to attack the city. Zordon is revived and reveals the Power Rangers' Dinozords have been restored by the Earth's lava, allowing them to counter the Dragonzord's attack. The Red Ranger is then able to battle the Green Ranger one-on-one, and destroys the Sword of Darkness, freeing Tommy from Rita's spell. Zordon then offers Tommy a part on the team to atone for his misdeeds, and he agrees.

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Red Power Ranger: With Dragon Shield. He used when Tommy lost his Green Ranger powers. Based on this .
Green Power Ranger: Demorphing after giving his power coin to Red Power Ranger. Appeared in episode "Green candle part II"
(made by Deshun Michaels) Based on this .
Black Power Ranger: With Dragon Shield was when Green Power Ranger landed his Dragon Shield to him in episode "An oyster
stew" Based on this .
Kiba Ranger: This is how he looked in the beginning of his henshin sequence. Based on this .
White Power Ranger: Without White Shield was when Zordon and Alpha 5 made him and he lied on table without his shield in
episode "White light part I" Based on this .

Red Power Ranger: In the end of morphing sequence. Appeared in "Day of dumpster - pilot episode". Based on this .
Yellow Power Ranger: Played by Audri Dubois. Appeared in "Day of dumpster - pilot episode" (made by Cute Angel Ranger)
Based on this .
Red Power Ranger: With Dragon Shield but without armlets. He used it against Titanus in episode Gung ho ! Based on this .
Green Power Ranger: Tommy gave his shield to Jason in episode Gung ho ! Based on this .
Green Power Ranger: When Tommy had to give up his power coin, he gave Jason all of his armor. Based on this .