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2014 Dodge Ram 1500 NYPD Pickup Truck and NYPD Horse Trailer Hitch & Tow Series 4 1/64 by Greenlight 32040 D

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN (UPDATED JULY 16, 2009) – GreenLight Collectibles first stormed onto the collector die-cast scene in 2005 with a fresh new look for 1:64 scale die-cast model car replicas that immediately captivated the high-end die-cast collector. The introduction of successful lines such as Corvette Collection and Muscle Car Garage simultaneously in late-2005 quickly spawned into a wide range of collector die-cast product lines that are widely distributed by mass market and hobby outlets around the globe. As a compliment to the GreenLight Collectibles product mix, GreenLight is launching 1:64 scale Motor World as the first GreenLight Toys product line.

Attention to detail is well-found in Greenlight cars and trucks. Primarily focusing on American muscle and heritage, Greenlight diecast cars evoke the American love of automobiles that put Detroit on the global automotive map. Greenlight Toys also offers a fun selection of movie cars and dioramas, allowing people the chance to display the scene from their favorite car movies. With the help of Greenlight Toys, you can collect, display, and gift the cars that gave you a love of the road.

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This limited-edition exclusive features the iconic black 1967 Chevy Impala Sport Sedan. This 1:18 scale metal die-cast vehicle from Greenlight Toys also comes with highly detailed figures of Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester as well as exclusive figures of Castiel and Crowley that are only available in this special edition boxed set, limited to 500 pieces worldwide. And this exclusive Metallicar comes adorned with variant Kansas "Angel" and "Demon" license plates in honor of the Winchester Brothers two best buddies. $99