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Aside from the amazing decorations and displays, Spirit also has one of the most impressive selection of costumes and it is one of the most well-organized Halloween stores in Chicago. A few things to really note about Spirit Halloween costumes: 1) They carry certain costumes that are exclusive to their Halloween shops including Adventure Time and the Regular Show. 2) They also have some unique sections like Zombie Time for teenage girls who aren’t sure what they want to be, an AMAZING superhero section (the best superhero costumes we’ve ever seen), a raver/EMD/neon section, an infant section with the funniest infant costumes, and so much more. 3) And Spirit now has their own line of costumes, too. And for the ladies who are always looking for sexy Chicago Halloween costumes, Spirit makes most of their costumes in a regular version and a sexy version, too! All of these extras makes the best Halloween costume stores Chicago area has.

The most family friendly Halloween costumes store for all unique kids and adult costumes. Our prices are guarantee and are directly from the designers. We pride

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Spirit Halloween. Several Locations throughout NYC. Spirit Halloween costume stores open for one month, October, around New York City. Offer a selection of Halloween costumes and accessories for men, women, teens, and children. Many plus size costumes for those who are tall or carry a few extra pounds.

Halloween Adventure Shop: New York Costumes. 104 4th Ave & 808 Broadway at 11th Street (two entrances). The largest selection of Halloween costumes and accessories in New York City, you can easily spend an hour looking over their selection. Open year round for all your costume needs. All costumes range from the basic to high dollar pieces. Definitely one of the first NYC Halloween costume stores to visit for your costume needs.