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Review: Trick or Treat with Halloween Girl (NSFW) by Moé Moé Rabu

Hello, my name is Amanda, but just about everyone calls me the Halloween Girl. I was born on October 30th and I'll be 23 years old this year. I missed being born on Halloween by one day but that's okay, I think it would be way too much to celebrate Halloween and my birthday all on the same day.

Doc Horror's daughter Evening, who prefers to be called Halloween Girl, is a precocious youth who perpetually seeks excitement. She carries with her a plastic pumpkinhead bucket filled with possessed toys that can grow to monstrous versions of themselves and talk to her from the spirit world. Doc Horror theorizes that Eve's toys became this way when she made the voyage from their native world to Earth; lost souls and wandering spirits looking for a friendly face and a listening ear found her in the transdimensional ether and offer their protection in return for someone to talk to.

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    • 3.3 Polychrome
    • 3.4 Firelion
    • 3.5 Starfish
    • 3.6 The Raccoon
    • 3.7 Komodo
    • 3.8 Gunwitch
  • 4 Enemies
    • 4.1 The Crim
    • 4.2 Mr. Fane
    • 4.3 Narn K Corporation
    • 4.4 Anthony Zampa Faction
    • 4.5 Synthetics
  • 5 Supporting characters
    • 5.1 Don Lupo Zampa
    • 5.2 Anthony Zampa
    • 5.3 Detectives Willeford and Goodis
    • 5.4 Lica
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Eve's propensity for getting into mischief is often the source of the Nocturnals' adventures. She once was captured by the Crim when she wandered into the Narn K subterranean Monster Shop, only to be rescued by Horror. She also once became a menu item for a hungry bat-witch on Halloween as well as a "victim" for a troublesome magic devil lantern, though often these would-be kidnappers find that Halloween Girl is far too much for them to handle. Even the most dire of situations appear to Eve as whimsical distractions, since very little on this world (or any other) can scare a girl who grew up around real live monsters.

Halloween is almost upon us, but is bringing horror fans a treat for the whole of October. Their award-winning film The Halloween Girl will be free to view online – on Popcorn Horror, YouTube and Vimeo from October 1st.