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1. Assault Rifle
The classic Halo rifle is the Assault Rifle. It’s been present in every incarnation of the game, from Halo 1 all the way to the most recent game. Not much has changed either. The gun itself is simple. It fires from a 32 round box magazine with one setting: full rock and roll. It’s mostly useful for CQB engagements where you need to put a moderate amount of bullets into a single target or a bunched up group of targets.

Finally, the suit geared with HALO homemade rifle and helmet make it a good case for showing your passion in military arms (read as toys) or just making a style statement.

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Halo assault rifle airsoft for sale.

The idea of black grip was taken from the HALO rifle and flash light needs to be removed to be activated. Final painting was done on the hand grip, magazine carts and other parts to make it a look alike of a HALO gun. Watch the video to see how amazing it gets.

Real-world analog: While it’s not a bullpup like the Halo Assault Rifle, the closest real world gun to the Halo AR is clearly an AK47. Simple construction, rugged design, and two settings: safe or rock and roll.