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Stanley Classic Lunch Box, Hammer Tone Navy, 10-Quart


1999 Disney Tarzan Hard Plastic Lunch Box With Thermos Cup - Euc

I noticed that too when my daughter started preschool and needed a box to bring her snack in. None of her classmates have hard lunch boxes either.

I guess I just assumed everyone still had the hard plastic lunchboxes. We got ours at Wal-mart I believe. And he has two metal backup ones. They should be more plentiful around Christmas or Valentines, because I remember one came packed with candy inside when we bought it. Thermos's must be out, though. None came with.

Disney Princess Hard Plastic Lunchbox

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Wow. I guess I really lucked out! We saw the soft lunch bags this year, but right next to them were hard plastic lunchboxes, and even better, a metal one! (This was at Wal-Mart) I had a metal Annie one that I used through all of grade school, and I fully expect my little boy to be able to do the same. As far as a thermos, my mom found my brother's old He-Man one, so that's what we've used (since my boy chewed the straw right off the cup that actually came with the lunch box)

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