Rubie's Men's Captain America: Civil War Deluxe Muscle Chest Hawkeye Costume, Multi, Standard


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My five year old loves the Avengers, especially Hawkeye. All his friends will be Iron Man or Captain America, so he'll definitely stand out from the crowd. My son is 4 feet tall (exactly), 47 pounds and skinny as a rail. We got the medium and if he were to grow another inch or two, it wouldn't fit. I've seen a few other Hawkeye costumes, but I don't think they have the level of detail this one does. We got the separate bow and arrow set. I just wish they had a quiver to carry the arrows in and we would have been golden!

Of all the Hawkeye costumes out there this one is BY FAR the BEST design. My 6yr old usually wears 7's no problem and he's of normal build, certainly not overweight but not a rail either. This fit him like a glove and was VERY difficult to get on. Once it was on I could hardly get the velcro closed in the back. Good costume overall but buy the next size up to be safe!

Boys Hawkeye Costume - Avengers Age of Ultron- Party City

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The Avengers™ Deluxe Hawkeye Adult Costume - Chicago Costume

My son wanted to be hawkeye after seeing the Avengers movie. Spirit's was the only source for a decent looking hawkeye costume.
We got the larger size, since the kids costumes tend to run a little tight.
He LOVES his costume and it takes everything for him not to wear it until Holloween.

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