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A few weeks ago, JVC contacted me and asked if the boys would like a set of headphones. These weren’t just any headphones for toddlers!

Welcome to our round-up of the best headphones for kids. As any parent can tell you, children are complex creatures, and they change fast. That’s why this list considers different age groups when recommending headphones. You don’t want to send your nine year old to school in headphones made for toddlers!
For our first section, we will look at kids aged 2-8 years of age. All of these headphones have volume limiting functions, so you can make sure that your child’s hearing is protected from unexpected jumps in volume from games or movies. The recommended maximum decibel level for kids is 85 dB, as recommended by auditory health organizations.
Another recommendation is to limit the time listening to headphones to two hours per day. Even if the volume is at 85dB, long sessions of uninterrupted noise can also lead to damaging effects on hearing.
Our second section focuses on headphones for kids 8-12 years of age. With these headphones you can trust the kids to set their own volume limits, but also factors like portability (going to and from school) and coolness come into play.

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    Something that makes Kidz Gear wired headphones so great is that the headphones have a lifetime limited warranty. This has resulted in a really durable, high quality pair of headphones.The Kidz Gear volume limit headphones feature is perfect as it allows you to limit the volume 20 db below the maximum, changing the maximum volume set to 80-90 db. This reduces the likelihood of ear damage and makes using them so much safer. In addition to this, the sound quality is great and they are comfortable enough to be used for hours.The Kidz headphones are suitable for children 2 years old and above, and come in a great range of colors for your kids to pick their favorite.Although this pair does not fold flat, The Kidz Gear volume limit fold-flat travel headphones are another pricier option which you can see .The Kidz Gear headphones are not just one of the best small headphones, but also amazing value for money.There are so many benefits of having a wireless pair of headphones and the LilGadgets Pro are the best wireless headphones for kids, and one of best headphones for toddlers.

    To make sure you have safe headphones for toddlers and kids, ensure first that you purchase toddler safe headphones, stay away from earphones that sit directly in the ear, ensure that you can not hear the noise from a meter away and follow the tips below.