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Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2 Pack, Large 18-40 lbs


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I have tried several different hemp inserts previous to this one, but I can see why Barbara was eager for me to try it. This is the mother of all hemp inserts.

Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert consists of 5 layers of hemp/Certified Organic cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/Certified Organic cotton fleece. This insert is so trim you will be able to have your baby wear jeans again! Please note that hemp inserts will shrink slightly during first washings making them consistent with the other insert sizing.

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Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2 pack - Kelly's Closet

My daughter was totally soaked overnight around that same age as well. We've gone with the hemp insert, a prefold, and a wool cover. She's never had a leak since.

The consists of five layers of hemp and cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/cotton fleece. When I bought the large size of the Best Bottom inserts, I skipped the hemp because the surface stay pretty moist compared to the Stay Dry Best Bottom inserts. However, I have been using my leftover medium hemp inserts as inserts for my various pocket diapers including my daughter’s nighttime diapers. After performing my absorbency test, I learned that Best Bottom hemp inserts hold about 2/3 cup of water.