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EZGoal Hockey Backstop Kit with Targets, Red/White


Protects doors and windows from stray pucks and balls

Hockey nets with backstops are designed to catch your missed shots. These prevent damage to the garage, but also prevent you from having to chase your missed shots. Because of this, you’re able to take many more shots in a practice session than if you had to chase your missed shots. Having a hockey net with a backstop can greatly improve the efficiency of you or your child’s training sessions.

That’s why we recommend every hockey family purchase a backstop for their hockey net. Hockey nets with backstops make great gifts for any hockey player. Below we’ve listed a few of our favorite hockey net and backstops for you.

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EZ Goal 6x4 Hockey Goal with Backstop - Pure Hockey

Pros: This hockey net with backstop from EZ Goal is an excellent choice for you or your child that wants to improve their shooting. It also comes with the shooter tutor. This removable goal cover helps you simulate what it would be like to actually have a skilled goalie in the net. This helps you make the most of your practice time, instead of lazily going through the motions.

Overall Value: This hockey netting backstop goal is a great product for $209.99. We feel it’s quite a good value for you at that price.