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Bauer Youth Supreme 150 Shoulder Pad, Large


How to Choose & Fit Hockey Shoulder Pads

Pro stock hockey pads are custom-made for NHL goalies, and are therefore designed and manufactured to perform in the toughest hockey game conditions possible. These pads provide the maximum in comfort and protection, while allowing you the greatest freedom of movement to stay in the right position and handle any shot that comes your way. The overall quality of our pro stock goalie pads far exceeds what is commonly available in those big box retail chains.

Pro Stock Hockey provides prices that are often lower than the ones in retail stores, professional shops or online retailers. Our ice hockey goalie pads are not cheap, but because we buy them in volume, and because of the nature of the pro stock market, we can make them available to you at great prices day in and day out. Pro Stock Hockey gives you the best deal possible: low prices and superior quality!

How to Choose & Fit Hockey Shin Pads

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How to Choose & Fit Hockey Elbow Pads

Hockey goalie pads are a serious investment, even with our everyday low prices. But to make sure you get your money’s worth, we have a quality control team that thoroughly inspects every incoming set of pads to make sure they have no flaws and are ready to use in game conditions. Each set of pro stock NHL goalie pads is photographed and completely spec’d out on our online store so you know exactly what is for sale.

Pure Hockey is the No. 1 hockey store online for the best hockey shoulder pads and protection. We carry a wide selection of sizes, colors and styles of shoulder pads. With top hockey brands like Bauer, CCM, Reebok and Warrior, you're sure to find the right shoulder pads for you and your game. When shopping for hockey shoulder pads, there are a few key takaways. First is the level of protection you need. Youth players like Mites and Squirts, beer leagues and no-contact adult hockey league senior players would require less shoulder and chest protection than a high school or college ice hockey player, engaging in more on-ice contact. Next is the overall fit, mobility and comfort. Making sure the shoulder pads don't ride up when moving your arms up-and-down, and side-to-side. You'll also need enough protection in your stomach between the bottom of the chest protector and top of the , and from the to the end of the shoulder pads itself. For more in-depth information on should pads and protection, read Pure Hockey's literature and video.