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a tool set can save lots of time and money. A home tool set that comes equipped with screwdrivers, a hammer and some wrenches can make short work of a jammed window or a loose doorknob, and a mechanic tool set can let you take on basic auto repairs and maintenance, saving you expensive trips to a mechanic. However, if you haven't shopped for tools before, you may not know how to select a quality tool set. If you don't feel confident about your tool shopping skills, keep reading to find out some basic tips on choosing a tool kit that's right for your needs.

The key to getting what you want out of a tool set is knowing what you want and what you will use. If you want a specific kind of tool, like a ratchet set, and you know that you will use it often, look for a mechanic tool set that eschews the measuring tape and the handheld screw driver in favor of more ratchet accessories or higher quality. On the other hand, if you don't really have any specific repair or home-improvement plans in mind and simply want a comprehensive home tool set to handle tasks as they arise, then you probably will get more out of a tool kit that comes with a little bit of everything: a hammer, wrenches, needle-nose pliers, a leveler, and the works.

you have the 80 piece quality home maintenance tool set from Kronus

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Trades Pro® 835099 - 100 Pc Home Tool Set

Conquer any at-Home Project with the Craftsman Homeowner Tool Set If you've always wanted a compact, basic tool kit for under $50, the Evolv 24 pc Homeowner Tool Set gets the job done. The Evolv Homeowner Tool Set weighs only 8.54 lbs. and comes with a handy storage bag for storable, organized convenience. Each tool boasts an ergonomic, easy-grip fiberglass handle for comfort and exceptio...

Caring for your property is easier with homeowner tool sets. These basic kits contain everything you'll need to keep up with day-to-day projects. Replace outdated fixtures using and pliers, or hang artwork with a hammer and level. Repair furniture and simple electronics with a wrench and selection of sockets. Use a more expansive set with ratchets or power tools for complex projects.