Hookfang cannot be released in exchange for .

Dreamworks Dragons Action Dragon Figure, Hookfang (Discontinued by manufacturer)


During this event The Hookfang could be purchased from the for 500 .

While Hookfang is defiant with Snotlout, he seems loyal and responsive to the other members of the team, stopping obediantly when Fishlegs commanded Meatlug to heel when she was magnetically attracting metal across the village.

Hookfang has also displayed the occasional bout of altruism, offering to protect a wild female monstrous nightmare's eggs from a much larger dragon until they hatched.

Hookfang with his rider, Snotlout

  • Speed: Hookfang is a very fast flier. He shown to able to keep up with Toothless at the Thawfest race, though ultimately not as fast as the Night Fury. This may be the result of his hard training with Snotlout. This shows his speed better then normal Nightmares. Snotlout had stated that Hookfang speed isn't as fast as Stormfly, who he believes she is crazy fast. He has shown that he is also relatively fast when running on the ground, and when swimming.
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    This special was shortly after Silent Sven had broken his silence. While the teens got older as we see that Hookfang had a competitive side just like Snotlout. As he was able to successfully catch the black sheep before Toothless. Later, Hookfang and his rider caused an accident with Astrid by slamming themselves into each other which caused Astrid to break her arm. Hookfang was very eager to catch the regular sheep before Toothless could get it in the sea but was unsuccessful. Until the flash back was over he sees his rider being upset about not making to the dragon race so he showed his concern to his rider. Until his rider was excited about his new invention, the sheep launcher, Hookfang was happy for him and was getting ready for another race with other dragons and their riders.

    In Riders of Berk, Hookfang is shown to disobey and neglect Snotlout (the only Viking from the main cast that can't control his dragon). Hookfang behaved aggressively and Gobber was going to kill him. But after seeing that he only had a toothache, Gobber quickly fixed this by pulling it out.