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How much does a Nintendo Wii cost

How much does the Wii cost? The list price of the video game console is $249. However, consumers may have difficulty looking for a local store that will sell the product for the mentioned price. In some websites, the item can be purchased for around $350 to $400. In most shopping malls, the item costs around $400 to $450. The reason behind the disparity in the price of the video game console is that some stores and websites sell the product with some accessories, software and hardware since consumers cannot use the video game console without purchasing these items.

Known as one of the topnotch and latest additions to the gaming console line developed and manufactured by , Wii features numerous interesting and interactive games. According to a financial report released in 2008, Nintendo Wii has higher sales than other popular gaming consoles like PlayStation 3 as well as Xbox 360. To know how much does the Wii cost, let us look at the price of the gaming console and the costs of accessories and hardware that can be connected to the gadget.

Well, the list price is about $249

How much does a wii sensor cost in egypt?

Right now you can buy a Nintendo Wii on Amazon for about $160