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The inflatable beer pong hats comes with two hats, are made from vinyl and plastic, includes one ping pong ball, does not include cups, come in only black, are one size fits most, and each hat will hold up to six cups. Check out the beer pong hats in action via the video below.

The beer pong hats are a set of inflatable beer pong holders that you wear on your head to make the game of beer pong a long and rigorous task that no one wants to play. Now when you play beer pong with a friend or colleague while wearing the beer pong hats it will take over two hours to complete, you will get smashed in the face with numerous balls (which may not be that different than any other average day for you), and you will most likely get numerous beers spilt on your face from sloshing around numerous cups of beer on top of your head. Perfect for beer pong lovers that don't own a table, the beer pong hats are sure to be popped after around the fourth or fifth game of beer pong due to excessive drunken horseplay.

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    If you're planning a pool party then make it an epic one with this inflatable beer pong! It takes the classic game to a whole new level- a wet and wild one! Easy to inflate and will hold all of your beer cups and wash cups. Perfect for home pools, beaches and lakes.

    This inflatable beer pong surface is perfect for playing beer pong everywhere! You can play in the pool, river or lake. You can also bring it to a tailgate or party, inflate it on the spot, and play pong all night!

    The Pool Pong Beer Pong Raft is made of a special fabric to keep your beer cool while you play. The material is durable, easy to clean, and will keep the raft in top shape for years. The raft is also simple to store and use. Never have a pool party of get together again without the inflatable beer pong table!