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Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool, 120" X 72" X 22", for Ages 6+(Discontinued by manufacturer)


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Supports and a tough metal frame are used to support the Huge 20ft Oval Garden Inflatable Swimming Pools durable 3-ply walls, which are made by sandwiching polyester mesh between heavy gauge PVC layers. These durable layers help to create the above ground swimming pool’s comfortable and satisfying swimming environment.

The Huge 20ft Oval Garden Inflatable Swimming Pool is the perfect size for summer parties and large family gatherings. Its oval shape is perfect for practicing lengths as you can create a circuit rather than trying to flip around like conventional circle pools. If you are not planning on exercise this large garden pool is even better for relaxing in the sun.

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Three-Layer Air Cell Oblong Inflatable Swimming Pool Adopt 0.65-0.9mm thickening 1000 thread interlaced polyester fibre PVC coat special cloth for autoboat in inflatable swimming pool material. Anti-drawing Intensity: longitude 3487N/5cm latitude 3089N/5cm; avulsion intensity: longitude:  1572N/5cm latitude: 1514N/5cm,adhesive force 5150, cold endurance-30degree, hot endurance +70. Adopt stickiness and high cycle hot processing in air cell. Once for molding; feature in wearable, anti-avulsion, good airproof performance, high intensity, wearable, high quality. Home swimming pool series and adult swimming pool series can be customized. Swimming pool size, specification, air cell quantity can be manufactured according to customers’ requirements.
Large swimming pool manufactured by our company: length 20-40m, width 10-20, water depth 0.8-1.5m, double layer or three layers air cell. It requires metal spider in the edge of outside for large swimming pool. It’s likely to install fixed spider on ground

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The large family oval swimming pool also comes with an 800gal filter pump to purify the water and a 48in ladder for easy access. Also included with the inflatable garden swimming pool are a protective ground cloth, a cover to keep out grime and a Bestway maintenance kit to assist with cleaning.

In addition, we stock all spare parts, a wide array of pool toys and pool accessories at all times to give our clients a complete shopping experience from one place. Please click any of the following product pictures for more information on the product. So, buy an inflatable swimming pool at an affordable price now and make a big splash this summer !