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Taking your stroller on an airline for that big family vacation? Ensure that it arrives undamaged by putting it in a Now this one is a bit pricey, but it is made especially for Inglesina single strollers and it's nice to have a matching brand.

Most places online charge the same price for the Inglesina Swift and that's about $140. Keep in mind that prices are always fluctuating and could be slightly different than quoted.

"Black Zippy Stroller by Inglesina"

    • 3 years ago
  • "Black Zippy Stroller by Inglesina"

    A stroller I had reviewed a few weeks before the Inglesina Swift was quite disappointing, so when I took this one out for a test run around my neighborhood I was incredibly impressed.

    I like the tall, foam padded ergonomic handles; they are quite comfortable to grasp. Parents who are above average height also love the handles on the Inglesina Swift because they don't have to stoop down, as they do with other strollers the same size.