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The Intex 12' Solar Pool Cover protects your pool from leaves and debris, and it warms your pool during sunny days. This solar pool cover fits not just Intex but all 12' diameter above ground pools. Extend your swimming season with the Intex solar pool cover, and you can enjoy swimming when your pool water would otherwise be too chilly to enjoy.

Cleaning an Intex pool cover is a simple process that takes a variable amount of time depending on the size of the cover and the severity of the buildup. In order to clean an Intex pool cover, you will need a cover pump, a broom and a hose.

Pool Covers for Intex swimming pools and Easy Set pool cover

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    A high-quality vinyl pool cover specially designed for your Intex pool! This Intex pool cover is made of durable 7-gauge vinyl to shield and protect your Intex pool from the elements.
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    Place a pool cover over the swimming pool when not in use, especially if the pool is under large trees, to prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating in the pool water. Intex recommends only using an Intex brand pool cover designed for your specific pool size for best use and fit; a pool cover is included with most larger-sized Intex pools. Using a pool cover too small will not keep debris out of the water, and using one that's too loose could cause the cover to blow away in strong winds.

    This can vary greatly by region. 7. Cover pool with Intex Pool Cover. IMPORTANT NOTE: INTEX POOL COVER IS NOT A SAFETY COVER. 8. Clean and drain the pump, filter housing and hoses. Remove and discard the old filter cartridge. Keep a spare cartridge for the next season.