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The 5th generation iTouch was the first iPod Touch generation to feature a dual-core processor. The 6th generation iPod Touch 6G will have the same class energetic A6 Dual-core chip with 1GHZ, found in the iPhone 5. It will make the iTouch 6G real fast and powerful enough than ever.

In October, Apple is used to refresh its iPod gadgets if we track the history records. Apple used to have new iPod touch generation every year till 2010. Then 4th and 5th generations upgrades had 2 years gap between them. This delay between iPod touch 5th generation to iPod touch 6th generation is escalated to 3rd years now as shown below in the iPod touch generations product timeline:

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On June 8, 2015, it was announced at the that the iPod Touch fifth generation would support , along with other devices. This makes the iPod Touch fifth generation the only iPod Touch to support 4 major versions of iOS.