Title: Mad Jack the Pirate (1998–1999)

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During the game, Jack asks the players help to gather the crew of The , so he can free her from the . Also, Jack offers the pirate other quests for , other special treasures and the fathers day quest.

Damn. I was only able to see sporadic episodes of this Fox Saturday morning cartoon about the silly Mad Jack the Pirate and his hand full of sidekicks.

The humor reminds me of Eek! The Cat (for which Bill Kopp also lends his voice), 'Pepper Anne,' and Spielberg's 'Toonsylvania.' Quick witted and fun for all ages, even someone like me, too old to be watching Saturday morning cartoons. Fox should've done more to try and help it out, because it was a well written, hilarious adventure cartoon and was, at the time, a lot better than most of the Saturday morning cartoon fare (what little still exists).

Short-lived and hard-to-find. Check it out if you can.

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