Skylanders SWAP Force: Jade Fire Kraken (SWAP-able)


Jade Fire Kraken now listed as instock at Target online.

Jade Fire Kraken is limited variant figure based off the original Fire Kraken and was first spotted at a local Intertoys shop in the Netherlands around May 25th. Fire Kraken is a swappable fire element character released for the video game.

Jade Fire Kraken appears in-game as he does in toy form.

We hear from Kaos, we see some Trap Shadow cereal, Beverly Rages on the Internet, Jade Fire Kraken goes missing, Chase is Lightcored Up, Fireworks Celebration, Water Fun, Kaos gets Destroyed and a whole bunch of other fun stuff! :)

Jade Fire Kraken is a jade counterpart of in .

  • Amanda

    My husband picked up Jade Fire Kraken late night on Friday, June 6, at Walmart in Ontario.

  • Meet the Skylanders Jade Fire Kraken

    We started getting reports, as early as June 6th, that Jade Fire Kraken was being found at Walmart in California. However, the figures were not in the system and were unable to be sold. This was particularly odd because some folks were told that these figures were street dated for June 6th.

    The main point is that Jade Fire Kraken has made it to the US. As usual it has hit the west coast first and will slowly spread to the east. It has only been found at Walmart at this point, but that is not unusual.