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Our final entry for today is a nice vintage Jeep pedal car with great original paint. I could picture my twin nephews in this. Sadly I did not have $650.00 to throw at it though. This one was also for sale at the Aberdeen, Maryland Military Vehicle meet.

This is a remake of original Jeep pedal car. It is a Willys Army Jeep. We remake all kinds of pedal car, tricycle for collection and for real use. Check out the pics!

4 Hamilton Jeep Pedal Car Rubber Tires

  • All Terrain Jeep Pedal Car

    Asked to select five of his favorite items inside the gargantuan antiques storehouse, he ticked off these pieces: a 1916 Coca-Cola banner, Dr. Daniels veterinary cabinet from the 1930s, an Orange Crush bottle cap sign, a reverse glass Peters Shoes sign and a Jeep pedal car from the 1940s.

    We are trying to identify this 1940s-50s Jeep pedal driven car. It does not appear to be a Hamilton or Garman from the photos we have seen so far. It has a tube behind the front bumper that may have held size D batteries, for a bulb that was in a light shown on the hood. If anyone can help us with this item, please do so.