Jimmy And Timmy Power Hour 4 Game.

Jimmy / Timmy 3: The Jerkinators!

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After apologizing to their friends 500 times and then making them see that they were wrong for forgetting about them, Jimmy and Timmy get them back and they make a plan to make the villain "Shirley" vulnerable. Once they do, and are about to "kick him while he's down", but Timmy and Jimmy explain that it is their fault, not Shirley's, which makes him shed tears of joy. He later opens a pizza eatery. At the end, Cindy makes Jimmy tell her she's smarter than him, and then she tells Timmy to give him his brain back.

The villain adapts away being big after Sheen and A.J. beat him in a basketball game and then "adapts away" having weapons after going through some metal detectors in a restaurant with Cindy. When the villain finds out that everyone has lied to him, he conducts a tornado and abducts everyone but Chester, who is hiding in a tree with a butterfly net. While the villain is occupied, Chester is able to trap him under the net and the tornado vanishes. Since the net is preventing him from using magic, he is forced to "adapt away" the magic by coughing up Cosmo and Wanda's wands. With their wands back in their possessions, Cosmo and Wanda become fairies again and Timmy is able to wish that the villain had no strength. Jimmy and Timmy later tell everyone that it was really their fault that the villain became evil and apologize to him. As a result of their apology, the villain fixes both dimensions and restores peace. As a gesture of thanks, Jimmy and Timmy give him a pizzeria of his own in Dimmsdale. Finally, Cindy then tells Jimmy to say that she is smarter than him a couple of times before Timmy wishes Jimmy's brains back (but it's unseen). Jimmy finally called Cindy pretty in a goofy voice before she let Timmy wish his brains back (just like Jimmy)!

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Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Season 4, Episode JTPH1
Prod. Code: JT1
Premiered:  (2004-05-07)May 7, 2004
Wish: To be in the greatest lab in Dimmsdale; To be in the greatest lab in the universe; To have Jimmy and Timmy be in their hometowns.

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While the villain is terrorizing the citizens of both Retroville and Dimmsdale, Jimmy and Timmy are able to escape from their captor and raid Jimmy's lab for weapons to use. While exploring Retrodimmsdaleville, the kids soon spot Jimmy and Timmy heading for them and they hide, believing that Jimmy and Timmy will say more insulting and hurtful things to them, but what they hear is Jimmy and Timmy saying that they'll fix everything, no matter what happens to them. Feeling bad that they would sacrifice themselves so their friends, families and hometowns wouldn't have to suffer for what they caused, they finally accept their apology and decide to help them come up with a plan to defeat the villain. They finally conclude that if they can get him to "adapt away" being big and having super-powers and weapons, then he would be powerless.

, and help complete 's new multidimensional portal, where he looks to see how everyone is doing until he sees . This later ends up causes a rift between the two. After a jet pack battle, they both land at 's front door, where they learn that she's on vacation for a week. Without a reason to battle, Jimmy and Timmy become friends and forget about their respective normal ones (Carl, Sheen, Libby, Chester, AJ, Cindy, who returned early from vacation), making them all jealous. J&T decide to do fight together, fighting first , then the Crimson Chin villains. Deeming them all too easy, they decide to make their own villain, which Jimmy designs on the computer based on the top ten bestselling video games. Once he comes out on paper, Cosmo and Wanda use their magic to make him alive. Timmy goofed up big time and made him instead of