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Journey Girls 18 inch Doll - Mikaella

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Journey Girls dolls come in various skin tones, hair textures and hair colors. They are best friends with special talents. They enjoy travelling, sightseeing and exploring new things. Each Journey Girl has a unique personality. Dana has short hair, wears glasses, and loves animals. Callie is Asian, loves to dance, and is a fashion guru. Chavonne is African-American, a singer, and the girls' leader. Kyla is Latina, an artist, and is shy. Meredith is a blonde, is athletic, and is outspoken. Kelsey is a redhead, is adventurous, and loves the outdoors.

The first thing that is notably different about Mikaella is that she has a new face sculpt. Her face is very different from the past Journey Girls dolls. It is wider, with the eyes spaced a little bit further apart. Mikaella is the second doll that has this face sculpt, following Kyla, who was released early this month. I like Mikaella’s face. I like that she has a little bit more of a smile than the older Journey Girls did. And it’s always good to have some variety in faces.

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  • She’s beautiful. I love all the journey girls dolls but they are very expensive. Does anybody know of a cheaper one?

  • My Journey Girls Dolls Adventures: June 2014

    Journey Girls dolls are a line of ethnic dolls made by Toys ‘R’ Us, Inc. Dana, Callie, Chavonne, Kyla, Meredith and Kelsey are the six original Journey Girls. The dolls are 18 inches tall and are made of vinyl and cloth. They have glass eyes and rooted hair.

    The Espari dolls look very similar to the Journey Girls dolls sold by Toys R Us. I decided to purchase Kayumi to see how the Espari dolls compared to the Journey Girls and American Girl dolls. Kayumi has blond rooted hair and bright blue fixed eyes. She comes in a pink tulle/taffeta frilled gown, with a gold purse, and pink plastic sparkly shoes. Like the Journey Girls she has a vinyl breastplate and cloth body. She has five points of articulation; her neck, shoulders, and hips. The joints are ball joint, but not a full ball like Kidz N Cats.