I like the The Rainbow Kachooz! Moop

i love the kachooz and i got a 4 pack and lots of 2 packs from dollor tree



Kachooz 4-Pack Style 5


I like the Rainbow Kachooz!™ Moop.

The KaChooz were introduced in 2011 - these are pencil toppers with wild hair. Each KaChooz character is in a group known as a Moop, and it's the buyer's job to reunite all of the characters in their Moops. Examples of Moops are Rainbow, Mohawk, Nervous, Highlights, Punk and 2-faced - each Moop has a different personality that the KaChooz are associated with.[]

MGA Entertainment, not satisfied with topping pencils with Lalaloopsy goodies (which, by the way, we have confirmed are coming this month – March) are coming out with a Fuzzy alternative, Kachooz.

One lucky winner is going to receive this set of Kachooz:

Kachooz are tiny fuzzy creatures that have been separated from their groups (called Moops). Its your job to help bring these funny little friends back together ? Collect them all to help reunite them. Kachooz are pencil toppers, spin them to frizz them.

Features include:

•Collectable furry pencil toppers
•Collect all 6 Moops (groups): Rainbow, Nervous, 2Faced, Highlights, Mohawk and Punk
•Over 20 different kinds of creatures
•Spin them on your pencil and watch their hair go wild
•So fuzzy, silly, small, you'll want to collect them all

(4): Like or if you already do. (ex: “Dandy Smith= like Kachooz”)

Launching with 36 new characters consisting of 20 different kinds of creatures, Kachooz!™ live in six little groups – tiny tribe clusters they call Moops™. MGA Entertainment invites you to meet the Kachooz Moops™:

To learn more about the Moops™ and discover the small, silly, fuzzy world of Kachooz!™, visit . View the collectability page for exclusive pictures and the inside scoop of all 36 Kachooz!™.