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Ker Plunk Game - Don't Let the Marbles Fall


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May I ask on the “kerplunk” game if the balls to order are regular or small. The price you quoted on TV indicates the small but there are no measurements to go by. Thank you.

If you are trying to find a way to get your family outdoors making good summer memories here is a fabulous family game! Make a giant outdoor Kerplunk game from tomato cages! On those hot summer days or nights you can get outside with family of any age and play this exciting game of suspense and strategy. No tools needed to make this. See the instructions below for details

[…] Make Your Own Kerplunk Game (Meri Cherry) […]

MB Kerplunk Game

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Yes, this is the easy version! Make sure you have enough pvc pipe to cover enough space so the balls can be poured into the “kerplunk”