Check out this really cool little Crayola keyboard for kids.

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Keyboards For Kids Learning Piano

Keyboarding for Kids teaches keyboarding correctly to young children at the time when computers are first introduced to them, through sixth grade. The content is phonetic by grade and reading along with learning keyboarding. 15 second to 1 minute timings. Course length is 20+ hours.

Within minutes we had ordered a specialty keyboard for kids and had spent about 1% of the cost of a whole new machine. Not to mention that his daughter now has a specially designed custom colored keyboard to call her own. Here are some the best options if you are looking for a keyboards for your kids.

Wish List: Portable Keyboards for Kids

B. Meowsic Keyboard Fun For Kids, Maybe Not For Parents

This colorful keyboard for kids has been created by arguably the most colorful company there is. Crayola. With a focus on BIG keys and a very simplified keyboard interface, this is the best choice for very young kids. Like a few of the options for younger children, keys have been color coded to differentiate individual functions. This is particularly useful when you are teaching your child how to use the keyboard, not to mention great for helping kids learn their colors. Although the keyboard is the main show, it does come with a mouse and mousepad that can also be useful if your child wants all their own equipment.

In these tablety times a keyboard is not just something you plug into the back of your PC. In regards to the iPad, the keyboard is actually a case, and there is no shortage of features available with the CoverBot case. A neat portable keyboard for kids who are using the tablet, this is a sturdy and robust option that comes in a heap of different colors kids will love. A very portable and thin case the CoverBot also comes with a detachable option and is specifically designed for iPad 4/3/2, Air and Mini.