Pictured: Kid and Play (or Play and Kid?)

Best of Old School Hip-Hop [Explicit]

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I was just scrolling the internet and found out Kid and Play are getting married! I was more shocked about this than Bruce Jenner situation! If you'd like to see the article go to:

Kid 'n Play were also notable for their dance known as the Funky Charleston, first seen in their video "Gittin Funky". Also affectionately known as the Kid and Play Kickstep, it was influenced by the 1920s era dance . The Funky Charleston featured the -aerobic dance moves typical of late 1980s urban street dancing. Unlike the original Charleston, The Funky Charleston requires two participants instead of one. This dance also was made quite popular in Kid 'n Play's feature film , in which Kid and Play have a dance competition with and .

Kid And Play Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody


"I'm a little reluctant with it, and maybe that's just humility on my part," said Martin. "I do recognize the fact, and am very appreciative, that Kid and I played a very important and special part in regards to breaking through doors and walls that help make hip-hop recognizable as a major force in movies."

After years of separation Kid and Play are forced to work together again after their manager swindles all their riches. All that’s left is a sad failing Comedy Club they unknowingly own and they reluctantly decide to work together to run the club with it’s crazy employees to make a living.